Check out BCIT student Dianne Baccay’s Canadian summer travel photos from this past summer. She hiked all over BC, and made it out to Saskatoon, Sakatchewan. Follow Dianne on Instagram for plants, landscapes, and a little escape: @greenescher 

Why do you take photos?

I take photos because I’m fascinated in the way they capture moments and photographs have this ability to “freeze time”.  In a way, a photograph is like the physical form of a memory – it makes memories more tangible to us. I also take photos because it’s a way for me to de-stress from school. It’s nice to do something else other than reading textbooks or notes.

What is your favourite thing to photograph?

My favourite thing to photograph is anything nature related, from tiny flowers to mountains. British Columbia is so geographically and biologically diverse – I want to capture that in the photos I take.