Link Magazine is feeling romantic. We decided to launch Link-Ups, a missed-connections campaign for connecting the BCIT community. Many of you have probably flipped through the missed connections in the newspaper, or clicked through them on Craigslist. Titles like, “I liked your Blizzard messenger bag” or “You spilled your skittles at the airport bar”, “M for W- blonde in NoFrills” fill the pages.

Connect and check submissions here: LINK-UPS FACEBOOK PAGE

Submit your own Link-Up here: LINK-UPS SUBMISSION PAGE

How does this work? 

Follow the link to our Link-Up form, where you will post anonymously looking for the specific person/group. You write a few unique descriptors and describe your interaction with the person you are looking for. Put enough information that the other party would be able to figure out who you are. Link will post the submissions to our Facebook page, and our website. The rest is up to fate!

Who is this for? 

Link-Ups is for anyone within the BCIT community hoping to connect with someone! Maybe it is an old friend you’re looking for, someone you always see at the bus stop, or a person you smiled at in Habitat.

Why should I do this?

The fun and exciting part of Link-Ups is that you never know! You don’t know if the person is your soul mate, your next best friend, or someone you may just have a great conversation with. It is a platform to meet new people and try to connect with people you felt you had a brief connection with, and see if there actually is a spark.

Where do I start? 

Fill out the Link-Up form, and we will post your anonymous submissions to our Facebook page and website. The rest is up to you- check back frequently to see if anyone has commented or is trying to get a hold of you.

Will I meet my soulmate?? 

If there truly was a spark or connection, the idea is that the person you’re looking for, is also looking for you. And that special person is going to check out Link-Ups and find your post. We wish you luck!